Our Mission

For too long, Mitch McConnell has not been held accountable for his obstruction and hyper-partisanship in the Senate. After he rammed through Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, McConnell was asked by reporters if he was worried about any blowback. He replied, “These things always blow over.”

During his 35 years in the Senate, that has been Mitch’s operating principle: Everything always eventually blows over. And for too long, it has. People forget, and Mitch is reelected. But not anymore. That ends now. It’s time to show Mitch that this time, nothing’s blowing over.

That is why we started Ditch Mitch. We’re a completely grassroots-funded organization solely dedicated to holding Mitch McConnell accountable, supporting his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath, and defeating Mitch once and for all in 2020.

You know as well as we do that Mitch has Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street, and the gun lobby bankrolling his reelection. McConnell has already announced that he is running for reelection, and he’s wasted no time getting started, so neither can we. That’s why we know that if we are going to be successful, we have to get started early.

We can defeat Mitch McConnell in 2020, and we can do it with grassroots energy and donations. Mitch is the most unpopular senator in the entire country. Only 33% of Kentucky voters approve of McConnell and an overwhelming 56% disapprove. With your help, we are building a movement funded by ordinary, everyday people (not corporations!) capable of sending him packing this November.

Unlike other organizations that focus on numerous Senate and House races, every dollar you give to Ditch Mitch will go directly to ensuring that Mitch McConnell never wins another election ever again.

In order to win, we are planning the type of full-scale campaign necessary to defeating McConnell. That means bumper stickers, yard signs, mobilizing voters and volunteers, billboards, TV and digital ads, and so much more. You can read more about how we plan to Ditch Mitch and our detailed three-pronged approach here.

100% Grassroots

From the beginning, Ditch Mitch has been a completely grassroots-funded organization. And we firmly believe that, together, we can build a grassroots movement capable of taking on and defeating Mitch McConnell in 2020.

Our strength lies in our numbers. In just a matter of months, we’ve already raised over $17.9 million from more than 248,000 grassroots donors, with an average gift of just $29. That’s more from small-dollar contributions than Mitch McConnell raised in the last four years! Just 7% of Mitch McConnell’s $11 million campaign war chest has come from small-dollar donors, and over a third of what he’s raised has come from corporate PACs. Meanwhile, over 84% of what Ditch Mitch has raised has come from small-dollar donations — and not a dime of it from corporate PACs or special interests.

Our focus is and always will be about the real and everyday people powering it. While Mitch takes corporate PAC check after corporate PAC check, what matters to us is nurturing and growing a grassroots movement big enough and powerful enough to finally restore sanity to the Senate. And with the help of donors like you, we will accomplish just that when we defeat McConnell this November.

Meet the Team

Ryan Aquilina, Executive Director

A political activist and campaign veteran who has worked on over a dozen competitive Senate races, Ryan Aquilina has dedicated his entire career to energizing Democrats, raising grassroots money online, and defeating Republicans like Mitch McConnell. With the Ditch Mitch Fund, Ryan hopes to leverage his skills to get as many people involved as possible and build a truly grassroots movement capable of finally sending Mitch packing.

Ryan’s background includes serving as Vice President at one of the most preeminent digital communications and fundraising firms in Democratic politics. There, he led the teams responsible for raising over $85 million in small-dollar contributions for Democrats and helped grow the political practice to include nearly one-third of all Democratic senators. Prior to that, Ryan played various roles on political campaigns, including directing communications for local campaigns and at an LGBTQ political organization.

Commitment to Transparency

Because we are a grassroots-funded organization and because we believe that money in politics and the effects of disastrous decisions like Citizens United are threats to our democracy, we are committed to being as open and transparent as possible about our donors and how the money we raise is spent.

We are a Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and, unlike Mitch McConnell, we do not accept contributions from corporations or lobbyists. We are not a dark money organization or Super PAC, and instead, we are funded by grassroots, small-dollar donations.

We report all of our contributions and expenditures as required by law, which can be found on the FEC website here.

We are not at all affiliated with the DNC, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), the Democratic Party, the Kentucky Democratic Party, or any other organization.