There's no way around it: Defeating Mitch McConnell will not be easy.

In order to take Mitch on and finally send him packing, we’ll need to fund and run a full-scale campaign, expose the truth about him to voters, mobilize and organize on the ground, and ensure his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath has enough funding to run her own campaign at the same time.

We have developed a three-pronged approach that we believe, when properly funded and executed, will be capable of defeating Mitch McConnell in November.



Holding Mitch accountable and exposing his real record to Kentucky voters through TV, radio, & digital ads



Mobilizing voters and volunteers through grassroots, on-the-ground organizing



Supporting Mitch’s Democratic opponent Amy McGrath by assisting her with grassroots fundraising


Holding Mitch accountable and exposing his real record to Kentucky voters through TV, radio, & digital ads

Mitch McConnell is not popular in Kentucky. In fact, he’s the most unpopular senator in the entire country. Currently, only 33% of Kentucky voters approve of McConnell and an overwhelming 56% disapprove. But time and time again, Mitch has been able to amass a war chest of corporate and special interest money — attacking his Democratic opponents and lying his way to victory.

In the past, Mitch’s opponents have not been able to communicate their message early, and they have not had the resources to properly fund enough TV, radio, & digital ads to simultaneously introduce themselves while also exposing McConnell’s true record to voters. That’s where we come in.

We are relentlessly pushing back against Mitch McConnell and his disastrous policies — from the tax cuts he gave to corporations and the ultra wealthy to his repeated attempts to gut Medicare and Social Security. We are funding research into and exposing McConnell’s ties to Russia and corporate special interests, allowing his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath to focus on telling her own story directly to Kentucky voters. And through the use of highly-targeted digital ads, we are focusing in on persuadable voters who disapprove of McConnell and ensure they show up to the polls in November.


Mobilizing voters and volunteers through on-the-ground organizing

We’re not just raising money to fund TV ads against Mitch McConnell — we are building a grassroots movement of real, everyday people capable of taking him on and defeating him at the ballot box in November.

Critical and central to our strategy will be real, person-to-person interactions that will mobilize volunteers, talk to voters and educate them about Mitch’s record, persuade undecideds, and turnout Democrats. This type of on-the-ground organizing was decisive in retaking the House in 2018, swung key elections by a few percentage points, and could determine whether or not we finally rid Washington of Mitch McConnell for good in 2020.

By partnering with progressive groups, labor unions, student-led initiatives, and other organizations already working on the ground in Kentucky, we will mobilize the grassroots movement we have built. We will make phone calls, knock on doors, send text messages, canvass neighborhoods, attend community events, put up billboards, and send a message through bumper stickers and yard signs that we will Ditch Mitch.


Supporting Mitch’s Democratic opponent Amy McGrath by assisting her with small dollar fundraising

It’s a sad and unfortunate reality that you can’t win a political campaign in 2020 without raising money. And while having enough money doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll win, not having enough to compete can often guarantee you’ll lose.

Just 7% of Mitch McConnell’s $11 million campaign war chest has come from small-dollar donors, and over a third of what he’s raised has come from corporate PACs! Thankfully, due to the support of everyday donors fighting back, more and more Democratic campaigns have been able to rely on small dollar donors, rather than corporations and special interests.

We’re committed to helping ensure Mitch’s Democratic opponent Amy McGrath can fund her campaign with small-dollar donors — not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s how to build a winning campaign capable of defeating Mitch McConnell.

Through leveraging our resources, running digital ads, and relying on our grassroots community, we’ll build a small dollar army not just to hold Mitch accountable, but also to help tell Amy McGrath’s story and get her message out to voters.